Final Piece and Presentation

This is my final video entitled A Photographic Memory. I think that this version of the video is a lot more effective than the original piece that I created.

Projection Mock UpBecause my final piece is a video I have decided that I would like to project it onto a wall with some of the original family images pinned to the wall where it is being projected. I think that this is a good way to integrate the physical pieces with my digital video. I was going to create a new photo album but I thought that it would be a bit too disjointed to have two different pieces, but also because I thought it might look a bit gimmicky. I will have headphones coming from the laptop that it will be playing on because of the fact that the exhibition space would be too large and the audio would echo too much. I feel that it would also be a bit more intimate to have people listening to it on their own. I will include a separator that would allow people to change the volume of their specific headphones to make sure that they could have it at the volume that they want depending on their hearing. Overall, I am extremely happy with this piece because of the fact that I have integrated still and moving image along with audio to create an effective piece that I feel is universal but also still allows the viewer to have their own personal connection with it.


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