Different Ideas

I wanted to show the different ideas that I have had and haven’t used to try and show the progression in my concept, presentation, research and final piece ideas
-History doesn’t have to be depressing; a lot of the research I have done and historical videos I have watched, not just for this project but when looking at history in general, have all been a bit depressing and negative. However, I wouldn’t want this to be the case in my work because I believe that family albums are something to be cherished and not seen as boring or depressing because, although a lot of people from within my older family albums are no longer around, they are in my memories because of the images and they have allowed me to learn about them through these photographs.
-Everything’s instant; photographs in previous generations were special and they meant something because of the rarity of the photographs and the time and effort it would take to produce them, you couldn’t just carry round a camera like we do now with our smart phones and this has caused images to lose value in the sense that we can take one whenever we want so what makes them so special anymore? The photographs from previous generations were posed and contrived whereas today there is a rise in selfies and candid shots which has in turn caused an increase in photographs being taken but has decreased the aesthetic value of family photographs.
-Look at the backs of the photographs at what people have written on them and how this differs to how they describe it now.
-Do the images, like the ones found on google, say anything about the relationship or the family? Or does it show a small snippet of what the relationship is/something that has been put on for the camera?
-Why do we feel the need to take photographs? Especially family photos? As family photographs are often staged and not necessarily showing the truth but instead a forced scene are they a true representation of who we are and the relationships that we hold/form?
-Comparing new family photos to old ones – the decline of the traditional portrait being taken over by the selfie.
-Formality of the images, family dynamic and conversations.
-Comparing my family photographs to someone else’s – like Elena Kholkina’s ‘Did We Ever Meet?’
Final Piece and Presentation
-Two points of view?
-Images as well as video?
-Maybe a narration over the top or at the beginning/throughout?
-Scanning in old negatives?
-Printing on tracing paper? to show the idea of fading memories
-Printing on archive paper? to show the idea of the family album being an archive
-Record on a hand held home movie type camera?
-Old family camera?
-Shooting home and the places that are important to the family or the stories mum tells?

-Interview uncle and aunt too?
-A new prototype for a photo album to go along with an old album and a video?
-Video played on an old TV at the exhibition with headphones? -Presentation; projector along with photographs pinned to the wall/board with headphones
John Bowlby’s attachment theory, taught mainly in childcare,  which speaks of the attachments we form and the effects these attachments, or a lack thereof, can effect a person’s life dramatically. (This is more looking at relationships instead of a whole family unit).For whatever reasons a lot of these ideas weren’t used but I just wanted to show a sort of method of working that I have had throughout the module.

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