Final Piece Idea Progression

In my weekly task posts I have done a running progression of what I want to do for my final piece so I won’t bored you with writing the same things again.

When I originally wanted to create a book about my mother and her siblings like the one I created for my montage task it was pointed out that it might not be very universal but would instead be local to me. Because it was just about specific people in my family it would not be as relatable as I would want when viewed in n exhibition space by the public. So, instead I decided to focus on my family unit and the memories recalled and forms from hearing stories about family photographs from different members in my family. I believe that this will mean that, because nearly everybody that I have spoken to about my project, has said that they recognise some of their family images in my archive and have similar memories of going through family albums, that this will make the video a lot more universal.

For my final piece I have settled on just having a photo film which is a combination of video, audio and still images along with found family photographs. I believe that this is a good way to include my own narrative along with the conversations with my family that my whole concept is based upon.

The video that I originally made has piano music behind it as a filler for the spaces in which I do not have any speech, however, it was pointed out that it seemed a bit gimmicky. So, for my final video I will use background sounds from when the photo album’s pages were being turned. I think that this will help give the background sound a bit of context and will hopefully make the video a bit more interesting than when I had the piano music. It was also a bit long, 5 minutes, and there were long gaps with just music and I feel that this caused it to drag a bit so I will also try to cut it down to about 3 minutes to not bore my viewer. I will also try to reduce the amount of time between speech and included more video to give it a bit more movement and flow as well as add more of a narrative.


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